Beverages Fountain, Coffee & Frozen

One of the cornerstones of BBC Distributing's service is beverage distribution. Here are some of the high-quality beverages we currently offer.


Brix Soda

Each Brix soda is crafted in Michigan from exceptional ingredients, like pure cane sugar and natural flavors. With 12 pure cane sugar fountain flavors, plus diet cola, to choose from, you will find just the right tastes to compliment your menu. We also offer seven bottle flavors of Brix for your customers’ enjoyment. Brix soda is perfect as a drink or a great mixer for unique cocktails. Each Brix is a Simply Exceptional Soda.

    • 12 Flavors of Pure Cane Sugar Fountain Syrups
    • 7 Pure Cane Sugar Bottled Flavors
    • Crafted in Michigan
    • Fountain Machine Signage, Table Tents, Coasters and More

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Bearclaw Coffee

At BBC Distributing, we know our customers want to offer the finest coffee to serve their guests. We are proud to be the exclusive distributor of the Bearclaw Coffee Company!

Bearclaw Coffee is sourced and hand selected from small family farms, throughout multiple regions, for highest quality.  The coffee is roasted and packaged on demand, to ensure peak freshness from bean to brew. In 2002 the first cup of Bearclaw Coffee was served by its founders in a small log cabin in Michigan. Since that first cup, the goal has been to offer the highest quality coffee, while making customers feel like family with a warm greeting and a hot cup of gourmet coffee.  Customers have become accustom to enjoying Bearclaw Coffee at one of their stores, or around the country in their state-of-the-art food trucks.  Now restaurants and other businesses can offer their guests an outstanding cup of Bearclaw Coffee at their location.

  • Frak packs, 12 oz and 5 lb bags
  • Wide Variety of Flavors
  • Coffee Programs, Including Custom Packaging
  • Mobile Coffee Truck for Events

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Island Oasis

BBC is proud to offer Island Oasis premium frozen beverage mixes and blending equipment. We have a large selection of sweet, sour, and savory flavors that are perfect for smoothies or frozen cocktails. Let us show you how having Island Oasis can set your establishment apart and add to your bottom line.


  • All Natural Drink Mixes
  • Drink-Making Equipment
  • Technical Support

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Fountain Syrups

BBC Distributing carries a wide variety of fountain syrups to fit your business standards.  Choose from national and premium brands.  We proudly carry Pepsi Fountain Syrups as well as other beverage fountain syrups. Great Lakes Cola is our exclusive, locally manufactured brand of high quality fountain syrups.


The flavors offered include:

~Pepsi     ~Diet Pepsi     ~Sierra Mist     ~Mountain Dew     ~Diet Caffeine Free Pepsi     ~Wild Cherry Pepsi     ~Mug Root Beer     ~Orange Crush     ~Lipton Brisk Tea     ~Raspberry Brisk Tea     ~Tropicana Brisk Pink Lemonade

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~Cola     ~Diet Cola     ~Lemon Lime     ~Tonic     ~Oak Barrel Gingerale     ~Grapefruit Sour     ~Wild Bills Root Beer      ~Orange     ~Red Pop     ~Yellow Snow     ~Cherry Cola     ~White Cream Soda

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     ~7UP     ~Dr. Pepper     ~Diet Dr. Pepper     ~Squirt     ~Vernors





BBC carries a line of bag-in-box juices to meet the needs of your business.  Choose from a wide variety to mix into alcoholic drinks for a nice splash of flavor, or to enjoy on their own. Our juices include:

~Orange     ~Cranberry     ~Apple     ~Bar Sour Premix     Grapefruit     ~Red Parrot Bloody Mary Mix     ~Pineapple     ~Fruit Punch

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Energy Drinks

We carry a variety of energy drinks to provide a rush at any time of day.  These are guaranteed to amp up someone’s day or night! Our line of energy drinks include:

  • Banzai!
  • Amp Energy
  • Starbucks Doubleshot


The correct blend of gases keeps the beer at the correct carbonation level throughout the whole keg, no matter how long it is on tap.

BBC also carries CO2 and mixed gas cylinders.

Gas cylinders include the following. Contact us today to place an order!

  • 20 Pound CO2 Tanks
  • 50 Pound C02 Tanks
  • 20 Pound Mixed Gas Tanks
  • 50 Pound Mixed Gas Tanks