Compostable Products & Programs

Compostable Products and Programs

Disposable containers and supplies are a vital component in most food service businesses so we are proud to offer products from compostable products from World Centric. From takeout containers, to cups and cutlery, we have a huge selection of items to fit your establishment’s needs, yet help to show your customers your concern for environmentally safe products. In addition, these items are cost effective, and show your customers your concern for high quality solutions that hold up. 

Our products are:

– free from toxicity for both you and the environment.

– made from plants, not petroleum.

– certified compostable.

 As a result, our products also:

 – produce 1/4-2/3 less greenhouse gas emissions than conventional disposables.

– use 1/2-2/4 less energy in the life cycle of making the product.

– support social enterprises and non-profits throughout the world.

Composting Programs:

BBC Distributing has teamed up with local composting programs to help your establishment reduce your waste and help your environment. Contact your sales consultant for more information on a composting program. 


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