Compostable Products for Restaurant Sustainability

Compostable products help with sustainability in your establishment and is important for your business and to your customers. The National Restaurant Association's 2018 annual report highlights many areas for restaurants to consider when it comes to sustainability, including compostable packaging. 

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What is a compostable product?

Compostable products, such as containers, plates, bowls, cups and cutlery are made out of plant based materials like wheat straw, cornstarch, and silver grass. These products are high quality and provide great performance. They use less energy and water to make, and release less harmful pollution than their conventional counterparts from production through disposal. When compostable products are disposed of in a composting facility they return to soil within approximately 3-4 months. Items like these are instrumental in helping to reduce your restaurant's impact on the environment.

Managing Waste

In addition to choosing the right products to help to reduce waste at your restaurant, BBC can work with you to create a full-circle compostable program to help you reduce waste even more. From food waste to compostable products, a composting program drastically reduces what you are putting into a landfill.  

There are many other areas of sustainability to consider for your restaurant in addition to compostable products. Read the full report from the National Restaurant Association by clicking the button below.

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