Glassware and Dinnerware Handling Tips

Glassware, dinnerware, and flatware can be quite an expense for your establishment. Proper care and handling by your staff can help to protect this investment.

March, 23, 2018

Maintaining the longevity of your tableware can be difficult. With proper care and handling, the life span of these products can be improved. We have gathered some tips, below, from the industry experts, Libbey. Review the tips below with your team to improve safety and profitability.

Care at a Glance

  • Place guides on scrap tables to separate glass, dinnerware and flatware.
  • Bus items directly into racks, or use divided bus trays.
  • Color code racks for different glass, dinnerware and flatware items.
  • Remove abraded, cracked, chipped or corroded items from service.
  • Keep an adequate supply so recently washed items don’t go directly
    into service.
  • Check to ensure proper dishwasher temperature twice daily.

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