What’s Hot Culinary Forecast

Local sodas, kombucha and cold brew coffee all are top beverage trends in 2018! BBC carries outstanding local products your customers will love!

January, 17, 2018

Have you taken a look at what is trending for 2018 in the restaurant industry? From our local Brix Soda, to Sacred Springs Kombucha and Cultivo cold brew coffee, BBC can help you be prepared to have a great 2018.

The National Restaurant Association’s annual "What’s Hot" culinary forecast predicts food and menu trends for the coming year. Check out some trends below and download the PDF to see the full list of trends and fun facts.

Top Food Trends:

  1. New cuts of meat
  2. House-made condiments
  3. Street food-inspired dishes
  4. Ethnic inspired breakfast items
  5. Sustainable seafood

Non-alcoholic Beverages:

  1. House-made/artisan soft drinks
  2. Cold-brew coffee
  3. Gourmet lemonade
  4. Locally/house roasted coffee
  5. Specialty iced tea
  6. Specialty teas
  7. Mocktails (e.g. non-alcoholic cocktails)
  8. Kombucha

Restaurant Concepts:

  1. Chef-driven fast-casual concepts
  2. Food waste reduction
  3. Meal kits
  4. Small-plate menus/restaurant concepts
  5. Commissaries

Download the Full PDF Here

For information on how BBC can help you be prepared for 2018, contact us here.

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