Maintaining Your Commercial Flooring

Cleaning Mopping a Cafeteria

Maintaining your commercial flooring is essential to your business. From the first impression that a clean floor gives, to the safety it provides in preventing slip and falls, having a well-planned floor maintenance routine is key.

There are many different types of floor surfaces and each has its own requirements for cleaning and maintaining.

VCT is a durable, affordable flooring that works well in areas of high traffic. It is resistant to water and absorbs sound well. To maintain its appearance, sweep or vacuum daily and clean regularly with a neutral floor cleaner. Recoating the finish needs to be a part of regular maintenance.

Tile is a cost-effective, durable flooring option, often found in bathrooms and kitchens. Proper cleaning is important as the porous grout can hold dirt and germs if not cleaned correctly. A peroxide-based cleaner can get into the grout to provide a more thorough clean. In a kitchen, a degreaser is a good option for a tile floor.  Cleaning regularly with an aggressive brush, swing machine, or small space scrubber to agitate the grease and soil is recommended.

LVT is a newer, popular type of flooring that looks like natural wood. It is a cost effective, great looking option, but does have its own cleaning requirements. It is important not to put a finish on LVT. Cleaning it with a neutral cleaner, after dust mopping the floor, will help to keep it looking good.

Wood is a durable, good-looking flooring option that will last for years. To maintain the appearance of a wood floor, it should be dust-mopped and then cleaned with a neutral cleaner that preferably has a natural oil in it.

Carpet is a popular choice for many businesses. Vacuuming daily is ideal for keeping the fibers clean. Deep cleaning with an extractor should be scheduled regularly to remove excessive soil and grease.

Matting is also key in protecting your floors and helping them to stay clean longer. 12-15 feet of matting can help contain almost 85% of soil and water from entering your facility.

In addition to using the right solution to clean your floor, the rights tools will make the job easier and protect your flooring as well. Dust mops, wet mops, flat mops, vacuums, and floor scrubbers can all be important tools in your arsenal.

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